Let's talk Radiohead for a moment

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Let's talk Radiohead for a moment

Post by broslinger »

So, I was watching "The Bear" the other night, and (Nice Dream) came on during the credits. I marveled at how great of a song it is. I forgot it was on The Bends.

For how big they were, do they seem kind of forgotten a tad?

I'm listening to OK Computer and The Bends today, and they were REALLY good albums. The music stands up really well. Johnny Greenwood was almost like a grungy Johnny Marr. The lyrics were awesome. As much as everyone hates Thom Yorke, he had a good, distinctive voice.

Did they just peak a little too late after a cultural shift and a bit too early before the internet took off?

Did the core audience just go either heavier or more electronic?

Maybe, their identity was never defined enough, and they expected the music to stand on its own??

Just seems strange to me that no one talks about them anymore anywhere.
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Re: Let's talk Radiohead for a moment

Post by Beef »

Good questions. I’m on board though with The Bends and Ok Computer being really great albums. I also love Kid A and In Rainbows and I think all those albums really hold up.

I feel like they still sell out and bring in huge crowds when they play or am I super out of the loop? They’ve also been doing other stuff haven’t they? Johnny Greenwood has been doing a lot of soundtracks and some other solo stuff he and Thom did the Smile thing.
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Re: Let's talk Radiohead for a moment

Post by ElDirtySanchez »

I think because of their ever-evolving sound, they started losing listeners because they weren't putting out albums that sounded like OK Computer. I recall In Rainbows was a pretty divisive album, honestly, it's one of my favorites of theirs.
I definitely didn't care for King of Limbs or Moon Shaped Pool when they came out, but lately I've started to appreciate them.
And damn, I can't believe it's been 8 years since they last released an album. They supposed to be releasing one
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Re: Let's talk Radiohead for a moment

Post by Marc G »

I can't say I really liked any of their albums after OK Computer, there were some great singles on the albums after OK Computer but I can't put on any of them, press play and listen
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