Truly free file conversion software.

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Truly free file conversion software.

Post by paul6string »

Looking to convert a CD in WAV to something compatible with YouTube. Everything I've tried so far is allegedly free until you want more than a sample, or to share etc. Anything out there?

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Re: Truly free file conversion software.

Post by linthat22 »

I remember using Goldwave back in the day and that was free. MediaMonkey should work too.

I'm sure the guys here have some better suggestions, but hopefully those'll get you started :thu:

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Re: Truly free file conversion software.

Post by Guitarbilly »

I use Switch. It's really free, you just have a splash screen offering the paid version every time you open it but you can close it and use the software

I will buy the paid version eventually to support it because it's a good product. I just keep forgetting to do it. But the free version works fine.

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