Old data restored (sort of)

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Old data restored (sort of)

Post by Guitarbilly »

Hi guys

I've been tirelessly working on getting the old posts back online. Yesterday I was able to get them back but there are 2 caveats:

1 - they're "read only" for now. There is no way to sign back in and post or reply to them.

2- I had to use the standard phpbb style.

I'm using our old domain Guitar Amp Board for the test site. Because of compatibility issues with phpbb versions it's unlikely that I'll be able to merge the 2 forums but at least the content is back up:


I'll keep working on this and hopefully eventually this will be solved.

Thank you for your support and patience.


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Re: Old data restored (sort of)

Post by greatmutah »

This is some good news. Post counts may be lost but at least the threads and content were more important. I was actually wanting to search for something on the old forum the other day and couldn’t. Was bummed it was gone. Now I can at least read it.
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Re: Old data restored (sort of)

Post by Tortuga »

Good to hear. We created a lot of great content over the years, and was sad to think it was gone.

Thanks for all your efforts, Bill!

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Re: Old data restored (sort of)

Post by diddlybo »

You're a real mensch, you are. Thanks for the work you do. :thu:

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Re: Old data restored (sort of)

Post by JSutter »

This is great news. There was something I wanted to look up and I found it.

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Re: Old data restored (sort of)

Post by RaceU4her »

I can’t get on here from my computer, says site is down for maintenance? I need to be on my comp to hear everyone’s clips

edit: nevermind, had some weird link up that wouldnt load, got it now

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